Author: Sarthi Sawhney

Why are Shawls given as felicitation gifts to honor VIPS/ dignitaries?

Why are Shawls given as felicitation gifts to honor VIPS/ dignitaries? Our country’s rich culture will always be present in all parts of our lives. Therefore even in the new age of conferences, social events, gatherings, ceremonies, and retirement parties a Shawl is presented/ adorned to the VIP/ dignitary/ guest. It is considered a rich […]

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6 ways how a scarf is every woman’s best friend

A scarf piece of fabric, made with exceptional craftsmanship and love is every woman’s best friend. It is the most versatile accessory having more uses that you’ll be surprised you didn’t know of, it’s always there for you even when you don’t know it is, and that’s what makes it your BEST FRIEND! 1. Protect […]

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5 ways to wear a summer scarf

  Summer Scarf is amazing! And yes it’s the season of our most comfortable clothes – tank tops, shorts, maxi dresses, and gives us room to play with designs and colors – exotic floral patterns, colorful stripes, monochrome polkas! It’s the time when we can experiment the most or even up to our wardrobe game!  […]

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What is Phiran? (AKA Pheran/ Firan)

  So if you have been curious about those cool Kashmiri garments, known as phirans, which we see around us and did not know much about them, we thought we will help everyone out! Image courtesy of @jaya.m  Phiran is the name of the traditional clothing worn by the men women and children of Kashmir. […]

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