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Our Heritage

Khub Chand Sawhney was born in Srinagar and grew up in both Srinagar and Haripur Hazara, a city in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The Pakistan attack on 22nd October 1947 on Srinagar provoked his family’s migration to Delhi. He was 24 years old at the time. Growing up in Kashmir he had developed a basic understanding of shawl-making from his father. He followed his heart’s passion to create an emporium for the most exclusive Kashmiri shawls and craftsmanship in Delhi. With the assistance for migrants from the Government he established an emporium at 94 Main Market, Janpath New Delhi in 1950.

We are proud to continue his legacy and operate his emporium even today.

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Let us save what remains:
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How We

Our collections are designed a year in advance where we painstakingly blend contemporary fashion with traditional artistry. We are also a place where quality and authenticity are supreme. Each piece goes through meticulous control and is correctly labelled before being displayed in our stores. It is also our passion to engage with our customers and inform them of the everlasting and unique pieces they will possess.


What you find at our store!

Pure Pashmina Shawls

Along with Kashmiri jackets, ponchos, traditional pherans, and bed linen, our Emporium is originally known for its pure and original Pashmina shawls that give both men and women the option of stocking their wardrobe with something timeless and classic. With the originality of our pashminas tracing back to the unchanged purity from centuries back, we provide a wide range of original pashmina and cashmere shawls.

Our Emporium

Our Emporium is more than just a shop- it is a place where we preserve history, a place where people can come and understand our heritage and craft, where they can ask questions, explore the curiosity, and learn about the uniqueness of the pieces. It is a place where we wholeheartedly enjoy interacting with our customers, getting to know where they come from, listening to their stories and their views. We are far from the system of chain stores which primarily want to work on volumes and mass production without any regard for the preservation of history and the environment. Similar to our bespoke pieces, we believe in offering a tailored and personal experience to our customers at our Emporium.

We say Proudly

The PM wore our KCS Badaam Dor Pashmina Shawl while giving a speech at the start of the budget session 2022.


The Brand

The Brand

KCS is a symbol of heritage, legacy and the perpetuity of fine craftsmanship. A place for finding something timeless and classic, something which can become a family heirloom and passed down over generations. In a changing world, this is a place where you can find unchanged purity of centuries. KCS is a brand that captures the legacy through its source, artisans, ancient techniques, and keeps it alive. It is a glimpse into some of the finest craftmanship of history, a piece of which you can always treasure.

Our moto is to give our customers an experience not only in our stores but every time they wear their exclusive piece.

The Company

Khub Chand Sawhney’s (KCS) Kashmir Shawl Emporium was founded in 1950 at Janpath Market and has ever since maintained to be the premier place in Delhi for pashmina shawls, stoles and various Kashmiri garments. In 1991, export of our luxurious textiles also commenced and over a period of time the company achieved various accolades such as the Highest Exporter Award – Shawls and Stoles 2005, Star Export House status in 2015. The business is now handled actively by the second and third generation of the family.

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