What Makes KCS Different when there are so many shawls on Amazon under ₹1000?

Ancient art forms are a form of unaltered natural beauty. How amazing it is that we still get to see some of them today! And how amazing are those people who’ve carried that art form to us, maintaining it the same throughout ages!


One of them was Khub Chand Sawhney. He had learned and developed a basic understanding of traditional shawl making from his father when he was growing up in Kashmir. With his hard work and passion, he created an emporium for the most exclusive Kashmiri shawls and craftsmanship in Delhi, India.  We are proud to carry his legacy at KCS to this present day.

An authentic pashmina shawl from KCS store in Janpath Delhi

Traditional Shawls and Costs

Now, an age-old method is not easy. The quality that is produced using that method, is incomparable. It is so pure, that one can just not get enough of it. So are shawls made from that method. A typical shawl made from a traditional process includes a rare source, lengthy ancient steps of a process, and ultra hard working and amazingly skilled artisans. The product that results is so pure and soft, that you can actually relate to the ancestors in this context.

Now how is it possible to get such quality for a cheap price!? That’s right! It’s not. As the cost of pure Pashmina yarn starts from  ₹16,000/kg and an average shawl weighs around 300 gms, the basic cost of a Pashmina shawl starts from ₹10,000-₹12,000 here at KCS. Any shawl below the range of ₹5000 is not considered legit. Pure and original shawls are expensive.


A Cheaper Version?

On sites like Amazon, Myntra, etcetera, you get shawls for less than ₹1000. It is true that it is a shawl and will provide the basic functions it is meant to. But the difference is, it is not made of ancient techniques. Materials like viscose etcetera are mixed with the wool and machine-based weaving and embroidering are done. This then brings a great difference in the quality. There is a compromisation in softness and embroidery.

These sites mostly consist of machine-printed designs. It also affects the longevity and durability of the piece. When you buy a cheaper shawl and wear it, you will realize that it is an uncomfortable piece–  it may start pilling quickly, and before the end of the cold winter season and you could be out there buying another one! The real shawl is a high-quality product and hence very durable. Winters may pass, but the shawl will stay with its beauty as on the day you bought it. A genuine shawl is a long-time investment.

So while you go for cheaper shawls just for the sake of it, you miss out on the authenticity and legacy of a real shawl, as defined by our ancestors.


Maintaining Traditional Originality

Traditionally hand crafted process of making pashmina shawl

Here at KCS, the ancient traditions are followed to date to make a soft and exquisite shawl. Our wool comes from the rarest and the only type of sheep found only in one place in the world. This fiber is then sorted and taken through the processes of making our beautiful shawls, without any damage to the originality. The shawls are then worked on by our experts on every step who possess this extraordinary knowledge of making a pure Shawl by hand.

True artistry takes weeks, months, or even years to be put into a shawl to bring the legacy to life.  And this makes our every shawl unique, as every craftsmanship is unique. We are proud to be continuing this art form in its pure form through the generations since the beginning of its time. Evolving with time, we also incorporate new trends, still keeping the original touch. Hence this makes KCS one of the few places in India where one can get original and magnificent Kashmiri Shawls.

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