Month: March 2022

New Types and Trends of Shawls and Stoles in India

India is home to different types of textiles. Throughout centuries, crafts have been rooted as a culture and tradition. Maintaining originality, new types and trends have evolved like branches, in shawls and stoles in India. There are various types of shawls from different parts of the country that are trending in today’s time in India. […]

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Why are Pashmina Shawls so Expensive?

  Elegant, fleecy, plush yet warm. Who doesn’t desire to own such an item of clothing in their wardrobe? The silver lining is, all of these qualities define a sole type of clothing- yes! which we all know as Pashmina. Well, everything great comes at a greater cost, isn’t it? So does Pashmina     […]

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Why are Pashmina Shawls considered heirlooms?

An heirloom means a valuable object that has belonged and has been passed down through the generations. One such example is the Changthangi goats’ fleece. It is known as Pashmina and is used to make shawls for centuries.   Where It All Began In the 15th century by Syed Ali Hamdani, a Persian saint had […]

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What Makes Pashmina Shawls as Great Gifts?

Special occasions and people deserve exceptional gifts, don’t they? We wish to give a gift which is one of a kind so that they remember us by it- Well, what’s better than a Pashmina Shawl!   Found nowhere else Changthangi goats only source that gave birth to such a great fabric. We can find them […]

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What is the Process of Making a Pashmina Shawl?

Nothing beats the authenticity of something age-old. Be it a recipe, a tradition, or the process of making a Pashmina shawl. The quality that a legacy provides is indescribable. The process of making a Pashmina Shawl is one such legacy. The Pashmina providers Considered one of the finest craftsmanship in the world, Pashmina is a […]

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How Long Does It Take To Make A Pashmina Shawl?

Products of quality and beauty do not appear overnight. A lot of time and effort is put in to provide only the best. So they deserve the time taken to make the Pashmina shawl. Our Pashmina Shawls are one of those masterpieces of legacy—the original laborious process.  The Once In A Year Process The process […]

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The Fashion Traditions of Shawls in India

India is a land of diverse cultural heritage. Diverse heritage means diverse clothes. And the point among that range that catches every eye is a shawl. A shawl is a loose rectangular piece of fabric that is draped over the shoulders or head. These garments are originally meant to be used in winters to keep […]

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