What Makes Pashmina Shawls as Great Gifts?

Special occasions and people deserve exceptional gifts, don’t they? We wish to give a gift which is one of a kind so that they remember us by it- Well, what’s better than a Pashmina Shawl!

Pashmina shawls as great gifts


Found nowhere else

Changthangi goats only source that gave birth to such a great fabric. We can find them only in the high plateau of Ladakh, India, and nowhere else in the world. They shed only once a year, during spring. The material is great to touch and elegant to look at, and extremely warm.


The Traditional Hard Work

Making a Pashmina shawl is a legacy. The traditional method remains same to this day. From the first step of obtaining wool to the final step of sending the product to the stores, it takes weeks, months, or even years.

The best wool is obtained and segregated. After picking and sorting to get fine Pashmina, it is combed and weighed.

After processing the yarn around iron rods, the Pashmina is washed and dyed into colours as per the requirement. As the fabric is 1/100th times of human hair, this natural fibre needs special dyes. The yarn is then wound, and the warp is made. 

This warp is then weaved and tweezed artistically. If requested, the beautiful embroidery comes in next, which takes a lot of time and detail. The shawl is ironed and sent into the market after gently washing the shawl in the spring waters.

An artisan working on pashmina shawl


The Rare Artisans

As the source of this art form is rare, so are the skilled experts who make Pashmina. The technique to make a Pashmina shawl started centuries ago that requires hard work and skills that cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. Some experts master this art of heritage, learning from the above generations. Every step of the process requires an expert for it. And the demand for a Pashmina shawl is higher than the number of experts present for it today.


Every Pashmina Work is One of a Kind

In weaving and embroidering of a Pashmina Shawl, the handwork of each artisan is unique, just like every fingerprint is. Every shawl has a story depicting different talents’ skills, and hard work. With such variety come greater options of beauty to choose from.

detailed handwork crafting on the pashmina shawl

The Royal Choice

Pashmina was very famous and highly preferred by the royals and rich families, not only in India but also worldwide. Gaining its spotlight in the 1500s during the Mughal Era, Pashmina became an integral part of courtroom traditions and decor. It gained international fame when the French monarch gifted his wife a Pashmina shawl, and she loved it so much it became a massive part of her wardrobe and became a style statement everywhere. Pashmina shawls became famous for their warmth, expensive look, style, and beauty, and thus made great gifts.

 pashmina shawls makes as a great gift

The Gift of Tradition and Honor

Pashmina Shawls are much easier as a gift option since they are no hassles with sizes and worries about whether the receiver will be able to wear the gift comfortably or not.


Pashmina Shawls have always been something that a person has never really bought for themselves. Since they’re considered heirlooms, they have been a traditional honorary gift at marriages, given from one side of the family to the other. For instance, from the mother-in-law to the daughter-in-law. Husbands give Pashmina shawls to their wives on occasions like anniversaries, Karwa Chauth festivities, birthdays, etcetera. Grandchildren prefer gifting it to their grandparents since they have difficulty finding a gift to express their love, and Pashmina Shawl accounts for a perfect one.


Gifting a pure pashmina shawl symbolizes true love, gratitude, and respect. The recipient immediately understands the value of receiving such an important and valuable gift.

Pashmina Shawls are used to felicitate and give honorary gifts to VIPs, dignitaries, and anyone you wish to show importance and respect.


Pashmina is the most sought-after shawl around the world. 

A piece of legacy, a fashion icon, a hug of warmth, and a look of elegance and beauty, is what you gift when you gift a Pashmina shawl.

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