6 ways how a scarf is every woman’s best friend

A simple piece of fabric, made with exceptional craftsmanship and love is every woman’s best friend. It is the most versatile accessory having more uses which you’ll be surprised you didn’t know of, it’s always there for you even when you don’t know it is, and that’s what makes it your BEST FRIEND!

1. Protect yourself from the sunlight!

Those of you living in North India you would know about our extreme temperatures (and how we have a Stockholm syndrome kinda love with it). We love our summer shorts as much as we love our cozy jackets. And when its really the time to step out on a hot summer day in June, your trusted scarf will come to the rescue. Wrap it around your head and put on your sunglasses. In minutes you’ll feel comfortable from the blistering heat and will be enjoying when soaking in that good Vitamin D.

2. Use it as a dupatta/ chunni!

To pep up that kurti? Your scarf comes back to you, not everyone likes to wear the matching dupatta which came with your salwar. Get out that fashionista in you!

3. Use it to cover the head!

Our culture and values require, from time to time we have to cover our heads, out of respect for visiting elders, when going to temples/ mosques/ churches, or in any type of social gathering its more appropriate to cover your head

4. Who says the scarf only has to go on your head or chest? Use it as a chic belt

Using your scarf in place of the regular leather belt will put your fashion game leagues ahead! It’s the most simple and fun task to match a scarf with your outfit – and the best part is, you don’t need a garment with belt loops, just wrap the scarf around your waist!

5. Use it as a facemask!

Coronavirus or pollution! It is always a good and healthy practice to cover your face. Fortunately, you can get your scarf to do that!

6. And of course, stay warm and cozy on those chilling days

How else will we look good in winter? A regular puffy black jacket just won’t cut it. A scarf is going to be the perfect accessory and also keep our necks warm!