Silks Scarves – The Perfect Summer Accessory!

Silks Scarves, smooth as a glider, silk is a wonderful fabric with some amazing thermodynamic properties. This amazing breathable fiber keeps you warm in winter and comfortable to wear in winter. Which other fabric can do that? And that’s why they make great use as scarves and stoles – because it’s the accessories on your outfit which ultimately make the difference to your look right!


 Add a silk scarf or a silk kaftan to your shorts + top look and you will know the difference.

In fact, the original scarves by Europeans were always in silk, which is where the words like foulard and carré come from.


The Science Tech Part About Silk

While silk is a breathable fabric, animal (protein) fibres like silk and wool are not as absorbent as vegetable (cellulose) fibres like cotton. This means that silk cannot absorb large amounts of sweat. At the same time, its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather!


Overall silk is known as the queen of all fabrics – apart from being versatile in all climates it is strong and durable – army vests and parachutes used to originally be made in silk. There is no other fabric that has got the natural beautiful sheen that silk has, and then lastly, it is a natural and not a synthetic fabric, which means it is biodegradable: and ultimately good for our planet!


So, what are you waiting for? Shop from our exclusive range of premium silk scarves and elevate your look this summer!




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